US Still 8th in Terms of Internet Connection Speed

by harrybazzel

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According to Akamai’s quarterly State of the Internet report, the average American internet connection is still languishing in 8th place, trailing behind leaders like South Korea, Japan and Switzerland.

Whilst the speed of the average internet connection around the world clocks in at a less-than-impressive 3.3 Mbps, America is at least ahead of the curve with an average connection speed of 8.7 Mbps. US internet speed has actually shown a 22% rise since last year, which will hopefully continue to increase in the coming months. Even with the rise in internet speed, though, Americans still trail behind global leaders South Korea, who have a reported average speed of 13.3 Mbps

Another blow to American internet users is that the US does not even rank in the top 10 countries in terms of average peak connection. Whilst American peak connection speeds still rank high above the global average of 18.9 Mbps, a nationwide average of 36.6 Mbps at peak puts the US at a measly 16th place. Global peak leaders Hong Kong reportedly enjoy a connection of 65.1 Mbps on average.

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